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Hi I’m Ezinne (call me Zii)! You might be wondering what this site is all about and you just want to get filled in at first glance. Welcome. 

I started The Ezinne’s experiences to help travelers find inspiration and information to travel. Nonetheless, this goal has metamorphosed into sharing aspects of my life experiences (mostly travel). On this website, you’ll find countless resources on everything from solo travel to itineraries to photography tips.

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Love, Zii.

Here are some articles and resources to help you get started; 

Get inspired to travel:

First off! Where do you want to go? Where would you like to go? There are SO many amazing destinations and I’ve shared helpful tips on traveling to over 20 destinations! Sometimes, Wanderlust is often sparked by stumbling upon a beautiful image of a place (seen across social media) and adding it to your travel bucket list. If you’re interested in taking a trip, but need a little inspiration/guide to pick which destination is right for you, check out some of my top articles on my bucket list experiences for all types of travelers!

Plan your trip:

It can be hard to know where to start when planning your trip. What’s the first step? What’s the second? Third? Fourth? Travel can seem like a daunting subject with so much confusing information available. The further you search, the more confused you get. Let these guides help you plan your trip. If you need exclusive and personalized help, then let me customize an itinerary just for you! Here are some samples of trips I’ve customized for my clients;

Travel gear: 

Most times, Travelers don’t need a lot of gear on the road. Your trip is supposed to be easy and seamless, therefore any additional load might be stressful. However, since investing in new travel gear can become expensive, and making a mistake can lead to wasting money, this section will teach you how to buy the right gear, where to get them at a good deal and what not to pack. It will also provide you some insider tips and tricks for the road! 


If you’re like me, packing for a trip is the hardest part of the journey. It’s mostly not about what clothes to pack, but how many outfits to pack, what’s appropriate to wear in your destination, when and how to pack! I’ve traveled to many cities, including very conservative ones. I’ve outlined my best packing tips and travel outfits for tons of destinations! Packing should be the fun and exciting part.

Travel tips:

After selecting your destination(s), it’s time to put together specific details to guide your trip. Your itinerary and final plans. After years of traveling, making my itinerary and being paid to make itineraries, I’ve learned a thing or ten. I’ve poured everything in these comprehensive travel guides and helpful travel tips for pretty much every scenario or situation you could come across while traveling. Is it your first solo trip? Your first trip out of the country? Or, maybe, you’re traveling on a budget? These guides can help you plan the best trip possible. I’ve got you covered!


Even google maps can get lost! It has happened to me several times. I’ve gotten lost, wasted money and time just because of a wrong turn or a completely wrong destination. Don’t get me started on internet connection issues in underdeveloped destinations. I completely understand how annoying this could be. However, you don’t have to experience this. As your travel guardian angel, I’ve put down detailed and exact directions I used on my trips to different destinations. So, when google maps fail, you don’t have to get lost.