Hi, I’m Ezinne (A-Zee-N-Ne). Most people cal me Zinnie. This isn’t another story of “i sold everything, packed up and started traveling the world”. On the contrary, it is a story of vulnerability, real life as a Nigerian, born and raised in the small town of Calabar, Cross River State, and all life experiences not limited to the good, the bad and the ugly.

My story:

I am from Abia state in eastern Nigeria. Like many people, I was instilled with the basic “Want” of going to University, getting good grades, getting a job, getting married, have kids and living happily ever after. My parents (disciplinarians) were all about the basics. However, that idea seemed too rudimentary for a curious mind like mine. This led me to forging my own path, desiring and demanding more from life.

As a graduate of industrial Mathematics there are many things i love. Family tops the list. My  passion for traveling, comfortable androgynous fashion and mathematics are also included. 

It has/still is taking a long while to get everything in my life sorted – getting through the incessant struggles of adulthood and keeping my head afloat. In 2014, i took a solo trip to Lagos from Calabar. Spent 3 weeks exploring the beautiful and architectural art that is Lagos. Coming from a small and quiet town like Calabar, I had never seen any place like that before. I got stuck in admiring the buildings, people, way of life and even the annoying Lagos hassle. Fast forward to six years later, and I’m currently based in Lagos. Taking frequent trips to other parts of the country and continent, but always coming back to that city that made me thirst for more


This website, The Ezinne’s Xperiences, is all about experiences curated by me. Life, travel, technology, fashion and everything in between. The goal is to make it a relatable place for like minds, and an inspiration to people to live their own life, forge and define life based on their own terms. To do the seemingly impossible, and watch the world accept you and your choices.

Stay glued as I take you on the ride of a lifetime. 



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Frequently asked questions

How do you afford your trips?

I have a day job as a data analyst, a savings plan, a side job, and a private travel company. It’s not always money, but discounts cos of numbers. 

How do i start traveling

Determination makes everything possible. Plan first. Decide where you’d like to go. Use the internet to carry out your research. Create a financial budget and look for travel deals that could help you save up some money. 

How do I travel with you?

It is easy! I have created The Ezinne’s Xperiences (TEX) solely for that purpose. Now, you can join me on my adventures to other parts of the world! To get first hand knowledge about upcoming trips, leave your email in the box provided below. 

How do i start a travel business?

Do your research according to the location the business would be established in. Choose the services you’ll be offering. Register your business with the appropriate government body. Get your marketing strategy, socials and brand straightened out. Go forth and get your customers! Remember, people would always pay for value, offer it!

How do I start a travel blog like yours?

Decide on what your travel blog would be about. Also decide if you’re writing for fun or to make money.  Purchase a domain name and hosting. A self hosted website is just a lot more comfy than a free one. Design your site, or get someone to do it for you. Insert the important links, and start publishing your articles! Do not forget to link your blogs to your social media accounts for traffic sakes.

Why do you love to travel?

Experiencing diverse cultures, traditions and culinary adventures in the company of fun loving people is something I enjoy doing. It is so much fun! I’d do it over and over again with every opportunity i get or create.

I want to travel but can't afford to, what do i do?

You don’t need all the money in the world to make a trip happen. However, you do need money to travel. To be able to afford traveling, you’d have to find a way to make money to pay for your trips. Offer value in exchange for money. Get paid! 

What other way can i travel without leaving my house?

The year is 2021, and its post Covid. There has been a lot of innovative ways to experience the world without leaving the comfort of your home. You can embark in virtual trips via your phones or you can purchase travel items from different parts of the world via TEX travel shop!