Godaif village, Casa Asmarina – A glimpse of North Africa in Nigeria

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As an admirer of culture and design, I know that culture and design shapes the way we see the world. For travelers like myself, these factors influence our choice of a new destination. It can be anything from food and traditions, to  religious beliefs. Just like my choice of a place to brunch this week, was influenced by the design of the location. Godaif village, Casa Asmarina.

The discovery:

I came across this location on @Diusorr’s Instagram page and immediately fell in love with the aesthetics. She had just posted a picture she took at the front of the building and what I caught at first sight, was how North African the place looked. Like Algeria or Morocco or Egypt. Egypt most especially. I think I might have been particularly attracted to the place because Egypt tops my list of African countries to visit/live in for at least 6 weeks.

Usually, I’m all about spaces and experiences that transports me to another place entirely, and Godaif village did just that. At a glance.


Originally, I just need the name of a place to locate it (thanks to google maps and Instagram). All I had to do was input the name of the place on my google maps search bar and viola! Every detail about the place was available, including exact location, how to get there, distance from my house, the menu, reviews – which were all good by the way, and even more amazing pictures of the place. 

Godaif village, Casa Asmarina is located at 26B Turnbull road, Ikoyi, Lagos. The cafe is just right after the banana island road junction, to the right. You can(‘t) miss it. They are open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm everyday. 

About Godaif Village, Casa Asmarina: 

Godaif village is a lot of things encompassed in one place. It is a tasteful, dashing cafe with a bar, a pizzeria, a flower and antique home decor shop. Godaif village is a place that transports you out of Lagos and Nigeria in general. It is cool, relaxing, chilled, and encourages productivity. 

Godaif village features:

The main gate of Godaif village is a black metal gate with Casa Asmarina inscription on the left side wall. If you’re looking for a signboard, there’s none (that I saw). The Casa Asmarina inscription on the wall is your clue that you have arrived.

The main building is a 2 story building. Godaif cafe is on the ground floor. The first thing that greets you is the inner compound decor of a mini water fountain from a clay water pot. Then, the valet parking spot by the right. I heard that the valet parking service works but, unfortunately, not on the day I visited. 

The antique/decor shop: 

The first entrance leads to the antique/home decor shop. This beautiful space houses beautiful ornaments for the home. Ornaments like scented candles, decoration flowers, rattan trays, diffusers, wall frames, interior decor items, rare furniture, etc. 

The antique shop is linked to the cafe by a passage lined with wall frames and more antiques. 

The cafe: 

The interior of the cafe is a tastefully decorated space. With wallpapers and picture frames on the wall, it gives off a medieval style themed cafe. The warm, cozy and relaxing feel it gives off truly makes it a productive space. 

There are 2 sitting areas in the cafe; the external area and the interior sitting area. Usually, I prefer the external sitting area cos the internal sitting area can feel a little tight if it is a busy day. The external sitting area is airy, well spaced with natural and artificial ventilation for maximum comfort. However, during a very sunny day, the internal sitting area is best. 

The menu: 

Godaif village food menu is publicly displayed on their Instagram story highlight for easy planning. This helped me schedule my budget and know beforehand what I would love to have, when I visited. 

Some people have raised concerns about the price of the food, which I was particularly concerned about at first. However, the top notch service and amazing food compensated for the cost. I received maximum value and satisfaction for what I paid for. 


The service at Godaif cafe is 95% for me. Everyone was very polite and helpful. Questions were answered in detail, orders were reconfirmed and my preferences were taken into consideration. It was like customizing my order to my taste. The chef took his time to explain the food options and how they would be served. This really helped with making the best decision on what to have. 

What I got looked, tasted and felt way better than what I ordered. At every point, there was someone there to offer help or offer directions around the village. I particularly loved that I was allowed to window shop and use my phone anyhow I wanted (while respecting other people’s privacy). I also loved the humor from the some of the staff while I was looking around the place. 

The whole experience was surreal. 

What I ordered:

I already knew what to order before getting there (thanks to the menu on their Instagram page!). However, I still got extra clarification from the waiter who served me. I ordered for;

  • One chicken Avocado panini    –  4,000 Naira
  • Ribeye steak (imported)            – 14,500 Naira
  • Greek salad                               – 4,000 Naira
  • Apple and carrot fruit juice       – 3,000 Naira
  • Nestle water (60cl bottle)         – 700 Naira

Photo dump of Godaif cafe, Casa Asmarina: 

My take:

I’ll definitely always come back to Godaif village, not just for the food but also for the space. I would definitely want to have drinks by the pool or hire the whole pool area for a function (birthday party or friends get together). I’ll come back to shop for home decor items from the antique shop, and to read a book or two while having breakfast or coffee, or even spend a whole day working from there. 

From this review and pictures, Would you love to visit Godaif village? Perhaps for brunch, outdoor workspace, breakfast, lunch or even to just look around and experience the place? 

For more information, you can check their Instagram here

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