7 Things Every Shortlet Apartment Must Have

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While shortlet apartments are gradually becoming a thing that Nigerians are starting to embrace with more open arms, it is important to still set the record straight on what makes a shortlet apartment great and what we the customers ALWAYS want to see in a shortlet apartment. In no particular order, here are 7 things every shortlet apartment must have:

1. Style

[Image Credit- shortlethomes]

Shortlet apartments are more appealing when there is a visible style that clients can see. Not many people want to stay in a basic room or a bunch of rooms with no noticeable style or theme. It also helps when the style is sophisticated and beautifully interpreted.

For example, With a beautiful minimalistic design, Tokyo’s Home Away From Home in Lekki Phase 1 comes with a noticeable minimalist design. Its largely monochromatic colour scheme also adds to the general feel that the designers of the apartment, Shortlethomes Ltd, were going for.

2. Basic amenities

Whatever you do at your shortlet apartment as a homeowner or host, always remember that people just want to feel at home more than any other thing. It is why comfy beds, with fluffy pillows, are a must. Clean portable water, fridge, a kitchen, functional air conditioning system, high-speed internet, stable power supply, and all other things that make guests feel at home should be prioritised above all others.

If you are aiming to create apartments that are super luxurious, then it has to be merged with functional amenities, not as a replacement for them.

3. Proximity to restaurants

[Circa restaurant || Img. Credit –  CircaLagos]

The closer a shortlet apartment is to restaurants and lounges, the better. For instance, the Tiara’s Luxury Home is an extraordinary, fully serviced shortlet apartment in Lekki Phase 1 with amazing amenities and world-class ambiance.

Being close to some fine restaurants like StoriesCircaThe HarvestThe Patio,  etc also adds to its appeal and adds to its rating as one of the best shortlet apartments in Lagos.

4. Easy access to roads

With quick access to major roads, spending time out at the finest restaurants, bars, and fun places won’t be an issue. And that is why customers and potential shortlet apartments’ guests pay attention to the location of the apartment they intend to book. The closer it is to major roads and all the places that matter, the better.

5. Allure

Img Credit: Stephen’s Luxury shortlet Apartment]

What makes your shortlet apartment stand out? What are the things that make it more attractive, more welcoming than all the other shortlet apartments and AirBnb’s in your city? What is the edge that you have over competitors? That is something you always want to consider.

For some shortlet apartments, it is being pet-friendly; for some, it is being kid-friendly; for some others, it is the attention to detail and impeccable finishing, and in some cases, it is a combination of all of these elements.

6. Space

[Img Credit: Shortlethomes]

Potential customers have varying tastes, interests, and desires, all of which play into their decision-making process when they’re choosing the right shortlet apartment for them. But one thing is sure: no one wants a cramped apartment. So space management is key. Your shortlet apartment stands a better chance when it is spacious as opposed to one that’d make guests feel cramped in and claustrophobic.

Apartments with more rooms and bigger living areas have the advantage in this regard. The Daniel’s 5-star shortlet Apartment falls in this category with its four en-suite rooms, open plan living and spacious dining areas.

7. Excellent furnishing and Interior decor

According to Decoriila, an interior decoration company, an interior designed Airbnb listing will do better (higher occupancy and rates) 100% of the time than a non-interior design listing given all else is equal.

In other words, shortlet apartments that match functionality with fabulous aeathetics are considered more favourably by potential guests and customers.  To get an idea of what excellent furnishing and world-class interior decoration looks like, check out Tokyo’s Home Away From Home by Shortlethomes Ltd, as well as Keji’s 5-star shortlet Apartment in Lekki, Osapa.

These major 7 things every shortlet apartment must have are what customers are on the lookout for when booking a shortlet. What other things do you lookout for when booking short-stay accommodation and apartments? please feel free to leave me a comment. I’ll definitely check it out. 

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