My Nigerian Travel bucket list for 2021

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It looks as if 2021 is already shaping up to be a busy year for travel. With a lot of pent-up demand from 2020, and the hope that a vaccine may be widely available, people are making plans. Big plans. My major travel goal this year is to travel every month. The plan was/still is to travel to a new city, country and even continent. I made a list of new places I’d like to visit in Nigeria for 2021. Having been to over 15 states in the country, my Nigerian travel bucket list for 2021 is influenced by a lot of factors. 

What influences my bucket list choices: 

Do you ever see a photo of a place or read an article and just develop this unexplainable excitement and burning urge to visit? Unconsciously or consciously, there’s a reason I chose these destinations. They are very personal to me, and arouse a curious feeling within me. Other catalysts that facilitated their effect on me includes;
  • Pictures of these places on social media 
  • Videos of other peoples experiences in these locations 
  • These places reflect part of me
  • Rich culture, traditions, food, geography, nature, etc.

When I was younger, daydreaming about places I saw on my atlas and wishfully thinking about the places I watched on documentaries were my favorite things to do. There was no social media and these places seemed so far away. However, with the help of social media today, I can better picture these places and wanderlust even further. 

Therefore, Here’s my bucket list of 5 cities across Nigeria that I’d like to visit each month. With the specific reasons why I chose these places. 

My Nigerian Travel bucket list for 2021:

1.) Ibadan (Oyo state): Ibadan, the largest city in west Africa and second largest in Africa, is the capital of Oyo state. Located in western Nigeria, Ibadan is an interesting city for a number of reasons. Nonetheless, my decision to visit Ibadan was influenced by the wonderful people I’ve come across from the city. The people of Ibadan are very lively, highly educated and hold their dear “Amala and gbegiri to heart. With the introduction of the new train service from Lagos, Ibadan is even more easily accessible than ever.

Places I’d love to visit in Ibadan are; 

  1. IITA
  2. Ado-awaye suspended Lake
  3. University of Ibadan 

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Things I’d love to do in Ibadan includes; 

  1. Go cinema hopping 
  2. Experience the nightlife 
  3. Visit a major market 
  4. Have conversations with Indigenes 

2.) Bauchi state: Bauchi state is located in North-east of Nigeria. The state is blessed with about 55 tribal groups. My love for Bauchi stems from a number of reasons, aside its rich cultural heritage. Bauchi, meaning land of freedom and tourism, is also blessed with a lot of tourist attractions. The places I’d love to visit in Bauchi state includes; 

  1. The Yankari Game reserve
  2. The Emir’s palace
  3. Gurara waterfalls
  4. Marshall caves
  5. Sumu wildlife
  6. Tunga Dutse

Things I’d love to do in Bauchi state includes; 

  1. Visit the Tafawa Balewa university 
  2. Iron smelting workshop 
  3. See the Dukkey wells 

3.) Abuja: The capital city of Nigeria is one interesting place I’d love to spend time in. I’ve visited once before, but I could hardly call that a visit since I was always hurdled up indoors. The places that interest me in Abuja includes; 

  1. Almat farms
  2. Usman dam
  3. The national mosque
  4. IBB international golf and country club

Things I’d love to do includes; 

  1. Go window shopping at Jabi lake mall
  2. Picnic at the millennium park
  3. Go art shopping

4.) Plateau state: Personally, the love for Plateau state has been there right from time. As a kid, I would read stories about plateau state and I was intrigued. It was the state I heard foreign apples could be comfortably grown because of the weather. I also heard that it could be pretty cold. That you could watch your hot water turn cold in a matter of minutes. I really wanted to experience this cold weather and see the amazing hills and valleys in the state. Places I’d love to visit includes; 

  1. Farin Ruwa falls
  2. Jos wildlife park
  3. Pandam game reserve 
  4. Wase Rock
  5. Shere hills
  6. Asop and Kurra falls
  7. Kurang volcanic mountain

Things I’d love to do includes:

  1. Experience the Naraguta leather works
  2. Experience the city’s culture and tradition in a festival.

5.) Taraba state: Taraba is located in North-eastern Nigeria and is rich in Natural vegetation and resources. My love for Taraba is derived from the fact that the highest point in Nigeria is found in this state. I was this close to visiting the state last year, but travel bans and security issues hindered this plan. However, places that attract me to the state includes; 

  1. Mambilla plateau 
  2. Gashaka Gumti national park 
  3. Chappal Waldi 
  4. Barup waterfalls

Reasons for Choosing these places:

Nature: I am a sucker for Nature and sane environments. Most of these destinations are 90% natural and that automatically fuels my bucket-list choices. 

Attraction: With each social media picture, article on blogs, and media houses, these places attracts me even further. These beautiful pictures strewn all over the internet reminds me that there are much more beautiful places in the world that needs to be explored. 

Cost of visiting: Most of these places are affordable to visit and their cost of living inexpensive.  Factoring in cost, these places are ideal. 

Adventurous activities: Adventure and living off the edge makes my blood pump! They make me feel alive. Life shouldn’t be lived in a boring manner. A couple of adventures every month isn’t a bad deal.

Security: Even though the current state of Security in Nigeria is wack, a couple of places in this list were added because security in those states are still tight. However, with the recent state of things in the country, it is advised to hold off all travel plans to places that are vulnerable to attacks. 

So, there’s my Nigerian travel bucket list for 2021.

Fun fact: You can join me on my trips! The Ezinne’s Experiences (TEX) is coming soon!

Do you have a bucket list? Have you ever thought of making a bucket list? Specifically for a particular country or? Did you write it down somewhere? Maybe a website or social media? I’d love to see your list for inspiration, kindly share with me in the comments.

2 Responses

  1. Great list Ezinne! I’ve been to three states out of your list I think. Ibadan is so calming I must say. Especially Agodi Gardens… you’ll love it. It’s like the same Lagos feeling but without the usual razzmatazz.

    Cheers on your journeys. I’d personally want to visit Kwara, Kano, Kaduna and Plateau someday…

    1. Thank you Eric! I hope to visit all these places before the middle of the year… I’m particularly intrigued about the North, but not so much to risk going there now… insecurity and all that…

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