How To Choose The Best AirBnB In Lagos

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AirBnB’s and short let apartments in Lagos are, apparently, here to stay. As more people warm up to the idea, it becomes necessary to help you figure out the most important things to look out for, when choosing the perfect short let apartment for you in Lagos. Here goes: 5 super tips on how to choose the best short let apartment in Lagos

1. Location

This is the most important factor to put into consideration. Where would you like to stay in Lagos, the mainland or the Island? If you prefer Island – which is actually a prime location – then you also have to figure out which part of the Island is suited to the purpose you are getting the apartment for.

Extra tip: Choose short let apartments based on how quickly you can access major roads from there. You should also consider their proximity to major attractions such as restaurants, lounges, and other places of interest.

2. Price

[Best Price || Img Credit: KindPNG]

Up next on “how to choose the best short let apartment in Lagos” is the price. Obviously, you have a budget you are working with and interestingly, there are AirBnBs of varying prices. There’s likely going to be one that’ll fall within your budget.

3. Security

Your safety and the security of your possessions should be at the top of your mind when making the choice of a short let apartment to stay in. Being located in a great place is nice, but it is also important for the apartment itself to be equipped and fitted with security facilities such as gates, locks, security lights, 24/7 electricity, and functional CCTV cameras.

4. Amenities

[A mini bar at the Achikare Luxury Home, VI || Img Credit: Short Let Homes]

Be very deliberate about making inquiries on the amenities of a place before booking it. Ideally, most short let apartments in Lagos have amenities for your personal care such as clean water, towels, hand sanitizers, body wash, body cream among others.

There’s also meant to be speedy internet connection, 24/7 power, Smart TVs connected to cable and/or Netflix, kitchen utensils and appliances, as well as a washing machine. Other amenities and services to be found in Lagos AirBnBs include game rooms, mini bar, gyms, swimming pools, facility managers and housekeepers.

Be sure to make findings and ask questions about these before booking any short let apartment in, so you can be fully aware of what to expect.

5. Reviews

[The Tiara Luxury Home, Lekki Phase 1  || Img Credit: Short Let Homes]

What do previous guests have to say about the condition of the facilities and amenities of the place? What have they said about their customer service?

For example, Bisola stayed at the Tiara’s Luxury Short Let Apartment in Lekki Phase 1 sometime in November 2020 and shared her experience thus: “Great experience overall! The area is great and close to restaurants and grocery stores. The interior design is very beautiful and makes this listing one of a kind compared to others and lastly, the hospitality was great.”

Reviews like that are usually accurate depictions of what you might expect to find at the short let apartment you have your eyes on. So make sure could provide you with the most accurate information you need to know about a short let apartment you intend to book.

Have you had difficulties in choosing a good short-let apartment before? Have you been disappointed with the services of some short-let apartments? What do you think should be have been done to improve the quality of service? please feel free to leave me a comment. I’ll definitely go check it out. 

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