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Hi there, Welcome to The Ezinne’s Xperiences (TEX)

This website was created to inspire others like myself who desire to travel and experience life. My mission is to create world class experiences for the modern young traveler in the most beautiful way to culturally alive places all over the world.  Some service I offer includes luxurious but affordable tips, travel boxes for in home experiences, corporate travel planning and personalized itineraries for your trips. 


Travel planning and retreats

Let me help you plan your next getaway – from family trips, getaways with friends, or romantic escapes. I specialize in affordable luxury in beautiful, cultural places around the world.

Or join me on my upcoming group trips where we will curate your trip from A to Z: meet new people, hang out with locals, experience the cultures and indulge in good food and activities

Featured experiences

The Ezinne’s Xperiences is an opportunity to join me on my travels, where we get to experience life, cultures, traditions, and everything the whole world has to offer! Learn more…

Casa Del Papa and Cotonou experience

Enjoy rich biodiversity, best beach resort in Ouidah, and unbeatable serenity, all in the company of fellow fun lovers.

Benin, Togo and Ghana experience

Experience true African adventure across borders in style and comfort. From stunning natural views to earthy streets.

IITA and Ibadan experience

Let's take a trip west to the largest city in Africa! Lodge at the nicest resort in the city while exploring all adventurous parts of Ibadan, in comfort and style!

TEX Experience Boxes

In order to make cultural experiences accessible for everyone, I have created the TEX Experience Box: full of curated artisanal gifts from local craftsmen & shops from different parts of the world. You won’t have to leave your living room to enjoy a new experience or own a part of the world!
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